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[pdf] PPS-001_樊光輿_澤瀉alisol的代謝和藥理.pdf170.0 KB2018-Jan-12
[pdf] PPS-002_郭賓崇_Characterization of vasorelaxant principles from the needles of Pinus morrisonicola Hayata.pdf96.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-003_吳天賞_Chemical constituents and anti-inflammatory principles from the fruits of Forsythia suspense.pdf167.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-004_曾志華_Design and synthesis of Diarylpyrazolylquinoline derivatives as anti-dengue virus agents.pdf95.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-005_沈欣宜_Study of compound M on liver X receptor and pregnane X receptor transactivation regulation.pdf98.4 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-006_黃穗晴_探討樣品基質效應與HPLC-MS MS測定尿液中與腸道菌叢代謝相關的九種有機酸之關係.pdf96.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-007_王士維_Novel angiogenesis inhibitors from Phoma sp. NTOU4195.pdf76.0 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-008_洪欣儀_Chemical constituents from the mycelium of Phellinus linteus for Hepatoprotection.pdf70.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-009_林千如_Preclinical effects of honokiol on treating glioblastoma multiforme via G1 phase arrest and cell apoptosis.pdf100.1 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-010_王泰吉_Design and synthesis serial novel naphthofuran derivatives as Nrf2 inhibitor.pdf95.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-011_簡伯武_Synergistic inhibition of tumor growth by combination treatment with drugs against different subpopulations of glioblastoma cells.pdf86.7 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-012_李健榜_密蒙花與其易混淆藥材結香花之鑑別及品質評估.pdf87.2 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-013_林鳳蘭_Mixed gel films of k- and i-carrageenan for sustained drug delivery.pdf89.7 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-014_藍偉玲_Investigation of Cxcr2’s role on T cell populations at the initial stage of mouse bladder tumourigenesis.pdf119.8 KB2018-Jan-12
[pdf] PPS-015_侯郁琦_Infliximab抗腫瘤壞死因子單株抗體製劑之分析方法研究.pdf142.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-016_林雅姿_以UHPLC-QTOF MS建立肉蓯蓉類藥材之指紋圖譜.pdf130.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-017_蔡佳芬_溫清飲製劑中指標成分檢驗方法之開發.pdf139.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-018_蔡麗瑤_以超高效液相層析二維系統(UHPLC-2D)建立番瀉苷之檢測方法.pdf106.7 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-019_李蕙君_錠狀食品違法摻加多項壯陽西藥類緣物之案例探討.pdf88.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-020_駱雨利_複合奈米配方對脂肪細胞及肥胖小鼠之降血糖和降血脂效應.pdf101.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-021_陳毓昕_Plecomarcolide analogues produced by Streptomyces sp. GIC10-1 isolated from a marine sponge Theonella sp..pdf171.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-022_楊依珍_肝素鈉中不純物及活性效能之檢測方法建立.pdf140.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-023_羅珮菁_Gold-Catalyzed Cyclization of N-(2-ethynylphenyl)-N-((methylthio)methyl)acetamide.pdf129.2 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-024_傅鈺翔_低能量雷射療法對於慢性下背疼痛的療效分析.pdf66.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-025_傅鈺翔_針灸對於認知功能損傷的輔助治療效果.pdf70.0 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-026_黃婉婷_Chemical investigation of Graptopetalum paraguayense by LC-MS and LC-SPE-TT-NMR.pdf151.4 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-027_張德宗_中藥飲片驗收之不良品原因分析.pdf81.0 KB2018-Jan-12
[pdf] PPS-028_邱柏全_Evaluation of HBHAc as a transvascular carrier in delivery of neuroprotective erythropoietin to central nervous system.pdf141.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-029_蔡瑞真_Recombinant thrombomodulin-embedded biodegradable hydrogels accelerated chronic wound healing.pdf94.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-030_李冠漢_以3D QSAR方法由紅麴色素開發新穎性之黑色素生成抑制劑.pdf83.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-031_黎淑雲_Anti-inflammatory Activity Evaluation of Spilanthes Extracts.pdf101.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-032_陳庭瑀_評估Gemcitabine的微乳劑配方對於膀胱癌的治療.pdf104.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-033_石采艷_New chemical constituents from a marine green alga-derived fungus Aspergillus giganteus NTU967.pdf107.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-034_陳佳妤_Bioactive constituents from the fermented products of Acremonium sp. NTU492 isolated in Taiwan.pdf92.1 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-035_林雲蓮_Cerebrospinal fluid metabolomic characteristics of Buyang Huanwu Decoction in cerebral ischemic stroke mice.pdf123.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-036_陳日榮_Four new 2-(2-phenylethyl)-4H-chromen-4-ones from the resinous wood of Aquilaria sinensis with anti-inflammatory effects in LPS-induced macrophages.pdf99.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-037_王盈鈞_Quantitative analysis of eight major triterpenoids derived from Antrodia cinnamomea.pdf112.4 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-038_巫佳燕_Alcoholic extract from stems of Dendrobium jenkinsii protects retinal pigment epithelial cells from high glucose-induced oxidative damage in vitro.pdf71.2 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-039_王澤川_氨氯地平顆粒製程及物化質檢討.pdf92.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-040_楊麗嬋_樟芝多醣促進皮膚傷口癒合之影響.pdf103.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-041_張文宇_芳樟醇外用製劑研發.pdf107.1 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-042_徐秉裕_The chemotherapy with HDGF RNA interference to treat chemoresistance of colorectal cancer.pdf94.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-043_劉坤湘_探討費氏麴菌二次代謝物對人類大腸直腸癌細胞株之影響.pdf107.0 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-044_黃責殷_Potential risk of resveratrol - warfarin interaction.pdf104.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-045_林滿玉_Acrolein-induced neurotoxicity neuroprotective effect of AZD6244.pdf76.4 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-046_劉怡文_Compensation of glutathione S-transferase (GST) M1-null by a high identical GST superfamily member GSTM5 through DNA demethylation.pdf92.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-047_周辰熹_Pharmacokinetic drug interactions of lurasidone in rats.pdf116.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-048_嚴逸釗_Hair growth and promoted wound healing of Osmanthus fragrans.pdf92.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-049_黃中佑_The relationship of metalloproteinase-8 genotypes and pterygium susceptibility.pdf92.6 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-050_黃中佑_The association of UV rays exposure and photo-ageing.pdf76.4 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-051_張德宗_澤蘭混淆品案例.pdf72.1 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-052_張佳慧_藻藍素之促進皮膚再生活性研究.pdf137.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-053_吳和澄_Chemical constituents and bioactivity from the whole plant of Excoecaria formosana.pdf154.2 KB2018-Jan-12
[pdf] PPS-054_張訓碩_Chemical constituents of anti-Escherichia coli β-glucuronidase activity from the root of Neolitsea konishii.pdf103.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-055_鄭淑妃_The protective effects of edible folic acid and medicinal folinic acid on late-stage triple-transgenic Alzheimer's old mice hearts.pdf101.2 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-056_蔡昇翰_Social stress and polymorphisms of CRP gene influence antidepressant treatment outcome in major depressive patients.pdf162.0 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-057_翁鈞奕_Investigation of belinostat liposome delivery system.pdf87.5 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-058_張誌祥_Discovery of indazole derivatives as potent Nrf2 activators for chemoprevention agents.pdf90.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-059_楊政偉_Targeting coronaviral replication and cellular JAK2 mediated dominant NF-kappa B activation for comprehensive and ultimate inhibition of coronaviral activity.pdf95.9 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-060_張心瑜_Identification of anti-viral activity of the cardenolides, Na+ K+-ATPase inhibitors, against porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus.pdf82.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-061_張喻鈞_Pollen morphology as an aid to identify the source of bee pollen supplements and pollen kinds of traditional Chinese medicine.pdf107.1 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-062_張芳賓_Two new Iridoids isolated from the stem of Neonauclea reticulate.pdf119.3 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] PPS-063_謝閔凔_New bis(hydroxymethyl) alkanoate curcuminoid derivatives exhibit activity against triple-negative breast cancer in vitro and in vivo.pdf149.8 KB2018-Jan-08
[pdf] 口頭發表-藥物科學.pdf483.3 KB2018-Jan-11
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